‘Moon Over’ Alert: Borin as a Cadet

Dima’s Uncle Arkady is on the warpath! Will protecting Dima force him to betray his values?

Back on Santorini, Ian dreams things Dima can’t believe in. Is he right that the future promises only sadness and memories of love?

Curious about about Borin, Arkady, and Ahmed’s lives together as cadets? Time for some back story!

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Unlike most of the Cyclades islands, Santorini is large enough to disappear on, with hundreds of miles of nearly deserted back roads and stretches of almost inaccessible beach. Could 4 tourists with a rental car really stay out of sight for 4 days? Probably not in today’s surveillance-based world. Privacy is rapidly disappearing. But in 1989, even assuming the KGB had covert access to Greek police data, they’d be reduced to searching the island village by village, hotel by hotel.

Fortunately for our foursome, much of deserted Santorini is breathtakingly beautiful. The perfect setting for a romance, doomed or otherwise.

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