Lion’s Den Chapter Alert!

Our stories begin to merge.

Hot tears pooled under his eyes as he lay on his stomach, grunting and rocking with pain, not nearly numb enough from the alcohol, the coke, the poppers.

David’s in jail, and the Colombian boy is “partying” on Fire Island, his boss gifting him to friends. A violent outburst may foreshadow important elements of the story.

Author’s Notes:

Fire Island, essentially an overgrown sandbar situated off New York’s Long Island, is renowned as a summer playground for gay men. At the time of this story, two communities dominated the gay scene on the island — Cherry Grove and The Pines.

The Pines had a reputation for being more exclusive, dominated by very wealthy gay men. I’m not claiming it was a haven for sex trafficking, but I often noticed how many “house boys” would accompany their employers to parties there. Sometimes I wondered just how willing they were. The moral issue is much simpler in this novel. The Colombian boy is clearly being exploited against his will.

The theme of the novel is on clear display in the second half of this chapter. What Jackson is looking at differs radically from what the boy is looking at, even though they both see the same things.

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