LaMar Going, I’ve been deeply offended by many things you’ve said to me. I find your religious positions that condemn me as a sinner because of my biological nature to be obnoxious and revolting.

I find the LDS Church’s systemic, institutional oppression and persecution of LGBTQ people to be obnoxious and revolting.

I loathe and revile people like you who would label me a sinner for my sexual orientation. I’ve told you so in no uncertain terms both publicly and privately.

I condemn you and anyone, including any Mormons who claim that we LGBTQ people sin when we have sex.

I condemn the Mormon Church for its active oppression and persecution of LGBTQ people.

You’re really showing us your stripes right now. We’ve extended you the hand of friendship and asked you to begin a process of reconciliation.

You refuse.

You have ignored every point any of us has raised with respect to the evil, cruel ways that the LDS Church treats queer people.

You’re deflecting from the issues at hand by insisting on how badly I have treated you in a private conversation. I’ve already conceded — over and over again — that I must have misremembered your calling me bigoted in our private conversation.

I tried — over and over again — to move past that, humble myself, and request that you have a dialogue with us about the abuses of the LDS Church.

You refuse to even acknowledge that we’re raising the issue. You have ignored each and every one of us each and every time we raised it.

You’re a supporting member of a huge Church that leverages political, financial, and other power to persecute LGBTQ people. The LDS Church is in fact one of the most powerful forces for LGBTQ oppression in the United States.

Any time and in any way that we try to improve our lot in life and move toward equality, we can count on the powerful and richly funded enmity of Mormons.

We know very well how much Mormons in general loathe us.

All this is true.

Saoirse has pointed out to you that the official LDS website is full of vile hate speech directed against us, comparing us to all manner of criminals.

You ignored her.

Still, we offered over and over again to have dialogue with you in a spirit of friendship and humility.

Each time, you slapped our hands away, deflecting, changing the subject, or simply ignoring the substance of what we said to you.

If you’re trying to show some Christian love, I’m afraid the message we’re receiving is quite the opposite.

My patience has run out.

Do whatever you like. I wash my hands of you as a lost cause. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that sentiment. If you started out trying to show people that Mormons are loving toward queer people, know that you’ve powerfully demonstrated the opposite.


alto David Montgomery Saoirse Darren Stehle Fred Shirley Chloe Cuthbert Eric Griggs

Writer. Runner. Marine. Airman. Former LGBTQ and HIV activist. Former ActUpNY and Queer Nation. Polyglot. Middle-aged, uppity faggot.

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