Just yesterday, police in North Carolina pepper sprayed a peaceful crowd that had been marching in support of voter rights, headed toward an early voting side. The marchers included candidates for State office.

But that did not stop the cops from treating them brutally. The video I saw showed massive amounts of pepper spray being shot directly into people’s faces.

The officers involved know for a certain fact that they will never face consequences for their vicious behavior.

One of the biggest problems we have in this country is that many of our law enforcement officers enjoy violence. They hurt people on purpose and often, and they are frequently seen and heard to enjoy it.

I have known this up close and personal since I was a street processor with Act Up in the 1990s. We have to do something about the fact that so many individual police officers are such terrible people.

But police unions make that all but impossible. They go to bat for every cop no matter what. They defend the most vicious, the most brutal, the most evil of law enforcement officers regardless of the circumstances.

That has to stop. We must have radical change.