It’s telling that Trump would talk about taking away God in Texas at the time he did.

Kowtowing to Texas evangelical Christians, Governor Greg Abbott had just pushed through a jaw-dropping regulatory change to allow Texas social workers to retain their licenses if they refuse to work with LGBTQ people.

This was an extension of a campaign the Texas Republicans started last year when they failed to pass legislation in the state senate to afford similar protection to all licensed professionals.

None of the bill’s supporters in the senate even pretended their conception of God was not their motivation. They were explicit that Christian professionals must have the religious freedom to exclude LGBTQ people from services. Professionals, by the way, included doctors, social workers, electricians, plumbers, general contractors, etc.

Politically, the state senators were emulating Trump, who has made similar regulatory moves across the board at the behest of his national evangelical base.

The God Trump was talking about in Texas is all about excluding people. That God is why conservative Texas Christians voted for Trump and why most of them probably will again.

And a big question here is what do you about a situation in which God conceptions are so extraordinarily different?

The vengeful, excusionary God of the white evangelical tradition could not be more different than the God progressive Christians talk about.

That leads to dissonance and communication misfires. As wonderful and lovely as your article is, I fear many or most Texas Christians won’t be capable of understanding it.

Their God and your God are simply too different.

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