It’s a little weird, this Evangelical notion that feeling sexual attraction toward a person is wrong. It’s weird but so common.

I remember being 12 or 13, being taught explicitly that looking at “pretty girls" can give boys and men sexual pleasure and that we should avoid such things because it’s sinful.

Avoid looking at a young woman in the street? Seriously?

The girls were being taught at the same time to cover up and not display their bodies, of course, but we boys learned that what we felt was wrong and we had to stop feeling it.

I don’t remember hearing the anecdote about the car crash but they surely taught us things like that, morality tales about how God will punish you if you feel sexual pleasure looking at someone.

It’s all so ridiculous.

And somehow this guy acquires some unrelated education and runs around the country telling people sexual attraction is bad and something they can control.

No wonder all of his marriages failed.

The real question is why do people listen to nuts like this?

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