Isaac Asimov wrote science fiction from the 1940s right up until his death in 1992.

He’s famous for his three laws of robotics, which was his way of thinking about how to tame AI and make it useful instead of dangerous.

More interesting, maybe, is his idea that over the course of decades or centuries, most of humanity developed a deep, instinctual, abiding loathing of AI that became a deep taboo.

Then he juxtaposed the taboo-bound civilization he imagined with a separate civilization that grew in isolation, embracing AI.

The fact that he did most of the work in the 50s and 60s amazes me. Some of his stories read like simple adventures or romances, but embedded in practically every line is thinking about AI in ways that are actually starting to come true today.

Asimov, btw, was a perfect example of a real scientist and thinker who turned to fiction writing, but who never stopped thinking and behaving like a scientist.

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