In my experience, yes, this is true. In both my long-term relationships, including my second one in which we raised a child together, my partner and I gravitated toward doing the chores we were good at it that we enjoyed more. I was the kitchen guy, because I can keep things neat and tidy as I cook, and because I can do the dishes fast and efficiently. But I hate dusting, vacuuming, window cleaning, and so forth. I’d rather my partner do those chores and leave the kitchen to me.

And neither of us has to worry about what that says about gender. Lots of same-sex couples I know are like that. (Not all. Gay men can be pretty conservative and tradition bound.)

I guess I’m kind of surprised that in 2019, lots of men are STILL not pulling their weight domestically in mixed-sex relationships.

It seems like such a no brainer. And people say feminism isn’t needed anymore? Wow

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