Imagine an LGBTQ person who grew up terrified of the Catholic Church and religion, spiritually and emotionally abused.

Now imagine that person has to deal with the fact that the Church continues to teach hundreds of millions, if not billions, of children in schools around the world that LGBTQ people are “intrinsically disordered” humans, ordered toward “great moral evil,” who commit acts of “grave depravity.”

Imagine these very words are engraved on booklets that children everywhere in the world bring home from school every day.

Now imagine the Catholic leaders who teach these things are held up as respectable people. Imagine that priests and nuns are supposed to be people we look up to, regarded as exemplars of love.

Hell, they will tell you they love you as they hold up their booklets that say you are depraved.

Why doesn’t this get “cancelled?”

If secular people were saying these hateful things about LGBTQ people, they would be shamed, shouted down, and reviled as bigoted monsters.

Why we as a society allow the Church to get away with such horror, I am unable to understand.

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