I’m so glad your mom came out of that. It must have been so tough. You raise so many important points.

What are we going to do about the fact that social media is misleading so many people about so many basic things?

Falling down YouTube rabbit holes is so common. One of my best friend’s brothers turned into a flat Earther that way.

It’s not just YouTube, of course. It’s Facebook and Twitter and tiktok too.

My dad died a couple months ago and while he was never a Q Anon guy, he absolutely did not know how to evaluate social media sources for truthfulness.

He often ended up believing some of the craziest things, just because he didn’t have the skill set to sort through what he was seeing.

I think more of us are like that than not sometimes. I worry so much about what it’s doing to us as a society.

Would Trump have even come to power without amplified algorithms?

Would people be running around not wearing masks and not social distancing if they weren’t consuming nonsense on social media?

It’s all very worrisome, and I thank you for writing about it.

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