I’m not sure I understand your concerns about AMP, buried as they seem be in the opaque jargon of the tech priesthood, but from my perspective, that of a heavy consumer of news services, AMP is the best thing since sliced bread.

I love browsing news sites on mobile, because the stories I pull up are easy to read, fast, and snappy. And it’s all thanks to AMP, given I get AMP versions by default.

By comparison, reading and researching on my laptop (a brand new Lenovo), is tortuous. Pages take forever to load, scrolling is often agonizing, and flashing colors and lights give me a migraine.

I love the mobile AMP experience so much that I found a plug-in that delivers AMP pages to me in Google Chrome on my laptop.

Oh, blessed day!

All that to say that AMP delivers what we users want and need. That has to largely be why it’s succeeding. Google is forcing news sites to make their products speedy and useful.

I don’t like a lot of Google’s products and policies, but I’m in love with AMP.

I suspect that if news providers hadn’t made AMP so necessary by designing so many truly horrible web sites, that AMP wouldn’t be the smashing success that it is.

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