I’m not a huge drag fan, but I’ve spent more than a little time at well known drag shows like NYC’s Wig Stock.

I find that in general, drag artists are less sexually suggestive than the mainstream artist their camp performances nod too.

For example, drag queens often take off on Marilyn Monroe. But her “Happy Birthday Mr President” is much more sexually suggestive than most of the drag acts I’ve seen that centered around it.

But you never saw people screaming in horror at the idea that Marilyn Monroe might have sometimes been in the company of children.

I really don’t get what people think drag is. It’s not striptease. It’s not eroticized dance. It’s not designed to sexually titillate. Drag artists and their fans after all tend to be gay men. Big shocking news here for the world, but we gay men are generally not sexually interested in women. Gasp! What a concept, eh?

Drag is camp. Drag is funny. Really good drag is highly entertaining from just a performance perspective. Drag is an art form that’s been around for ages.

Conservatives oppose drag because they hate gay people. They hate that we have a minority sexuality. They hate our art forms. They want us to just shrivel up and die or go away.

And you know what drag says to them? Hell no! We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it, you creeps.

That’s what’s really got them in a panic. That’s why they make up ridiculous shit about drag being highly sexual.

It’s all they got.

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