If I could make another observation, Medium writer’s groups on Facebook are fine for reaching other writers, but if you want real readers, they may be less effective than other sorts of Facebook pages and groups.

I’ve spent a couple years strategically promoting my writing on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve chosen my sort of writing niche and worked hard to find readers (not writers) who are interested.

It’s a long game. Like really long, with little immediate reward. I had to just keep working every day. Trusting that maybe one day I’d see some return.

I wasn’t promoting myself as a Medium writer, but as a writer whose platform happens to be Medium.

Two years on? Well, each of my stories is read by over a thousand different people — more often than not. I get pretty good read times too.

This doesn’t always equal money, because my readers aren’t always Medium member. But like I said, I’m playing the long game.

While I admire and respect my fellow Medium writers and while I work hard to help them by engaging with and clapping for their stories, I know they can’t ever be my primary readership.

For that, I have go out every day and beat the bushes. So I do, and after years of hard work, it’s beginning to pay off.

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