Ian and Dima walk to the beach! ‘Sun Over Santorini’ chapter alert:

While Ian, Dima and the gang enjoy Mykonos — wind, hot sun, and beautiful desert vistas — General Borin plays a dangerous double game with the KGB back in Berlin. If ‘shoe leather’ is all the KGB have to track Dima down, then shoe leather it shall be!

Author’s notes:

Anyone who frequented Mykonos in the 80s has a chance of recognizing the haughty poodle of the chapter title. He was the pampered pet of an artisan and shop owner on the island, a regal sight to behold. He had the run of Mykonos, coming and going as he pleased, popping up in the most unexpected places. I’m fairly sure the diamonds in his collar were not real. But one never knows.

I drew the walk over the top of the island and the encounter with the pipe-playing shepherd boy from real life. I can’t remember what tune he was playing, but it was something contemporary and completely incongruous. The real Juliette literally rolled on the ground laughing. My comment to her was, “What? He’s wearing Adidas shorts, not a chiton. It’s not THAT funny.” She told me to shut up. ;-)

More of the steps leading up the hill. Sometimes you had to guess if the stairs were public walks or if they were part of a private home. Guessing wrong embarrassed me terribly. The townspeople seemed inured to it.

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