I write a lot about LGBTQ equality. I have read hundreds of Christian Post articles over the years. I can observe that CP editors have never shied away from printing the worst of anti-LGBTQ bigotry. And that did not start with Trump. The CP has printed evil for years.

Some columns have been just astounding hate. Some of them have been stark raving mad, repeating hateful nonsense about God’s judgmental wrath in terms of natural disasters.

I can only observe that many people who work at the Christian Post must be truly awful people. You don’t print lies that disparage marginalized people and not have something wrong with you as a human being.

So am I surprise do this staff turned toward Trump? Not in the slightest. When your staff is made up of evil bigots in the first place, supporting another evil bigot is hardly shocking.

Birds of a feather, after all.

And I might say, as an aside, the staff of the Christian Post seem to define Christianity in perverse and disgusting ways?

You really think Jesus would have had anything to do with the vile anti-LGBTQ editorials published even in pre-Trump days?

The name of the magazine is really off base.

Let’s just admit it is what it is, the Disgusting Bigot Post.

Of course it supports Trump.