I was at a large Menard’s home improvement store last weekend buying petunias and geraniums, Tim Wise. Yes, I’m that boring. ;-)

The store requires masks and even has a supply of them at the front entrance for people might need one.

As I was checking out, a woman bitterly complained to the cashier that she was helping me rather than her.

The cashier replied in a patient tone of voice that she had already explained she was not allowed to help customers who were not masked.

I offered helpfully that she could just run over to the main entrance and grab a mask.

But she would not.

Talk about a sociopath. Her liberty was not restrained. She had every ability to buy her gardening supplies as she wished. The store had implemented a policy protecting all of their customers, and even made it simple and free for them to comply. But this woman would not go along with it.

I don’t understand attitudes like that.

I really don’t.

I did understand, however, that my elderly father was waiting out in the truck, and that I must take great care not to become infected with the novel Coronavirus, because my dad’s health is very poor.

I don’t understand why people don’t get that.

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