I understand your arguments and agree with them. I understood and agreed with them back when I first met Bernie Sanders — when he was the young socialist mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

Lots of my age peers pushed Democratic Socialism and made Bernie a force to be reckoned with years ago, when everybody said he could never rise to national prominence.

I’m a Boomer.

I wonder what you think you’re accomplishing by dismissing me and my peers?

Why don’t you tackle ALL the conservatives and misguided moderates who misunderstand democratic socialism — across broad age categories. Some of them are very young, you know.

Honestly, your article, as well as you articulated your points, made me feel angry. I felt like you were attacking me because of my age.

Is that really what you’re trying to achieve? Is that really how you hope to convince people to think outside the box and re-examine their ideas about economics and politics?

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