I really loved reading your story. It’s so interesting for me to see that even though there’s a generation (and more) separating us, that queer experiences are still so much the same.

I’ll never forget walking into a gay club for the first time and how amazing it made me feel.

I have a lot of experiences that have accumulated since then, but that visit still stands out. My friend Fred Shirley is your age. He lives in southern England and also recently went to his first LGBTQ club. I think he was pretty thrilled.

Unlike Fred, though, I think my experiences being raised in a closed Christian environment more match yours.

We live in confusing times.

So many queer people are free and liberated and confident.

We often forget that so many young LGBTQ people aren’t really all that free yet.

I’m so glad you’re on the road to self discovery and freedom.

Thanks for telling us your story.


Oh, here’s my first gay club experience:


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