I once had an exchange with a man on Medium. He talked about how as a businessman he once fired his receptionist because she “sounded Black” on the phone.

He could not or would not acknowledge that demanding a particular standard of English is racist.

He could not see that judging Black vernacular as inferior is racist.

He kept defaulting to phrases like “professional sounding” to justify his attitudes and actions.

But check it out. If America was not systemically racist, then nobody would care if somebody sounded Black or not.

I employed a manager once in my business in New York City. She had a very strong southern accent. A very white sounding, elite southern accent. People found her vernacular not only acceptable but charming.

The only possible reason any white person could ever have a problem with Black vernacular is that they are a racist.

Period, end of story.

No Black person should ever have to code switch. Any white person who suggests they should is a racist.