I love that you love Google like that. I do too. I can Google something and then get lost in an endless curiosity quest. It’s really cool.

But sometimes I feel like an imposter when I do that instead of sitting down and finishing the serious book I started two weeks ago. You know? Disciplined acquisition of knowledge, and all that?

Only a dilettante spends hours googling down a rabbit hole. That’s what I tell myself when I think I’m a fraud.

Only a dilettante has six drafts in his queue and hasn’t finished any of them.

On better days I remember that my writing is enriched by my curiosity. On better days, I can pump out a story in just three or four hours.

But good day or bad day, I have to remind myself I’m putting out a body of writing I’m happy to stand behind.

Just like you are. Hope I’m not an imposter, but I know for sure you are not.


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