I look forward to the series, Zanne Nilsson. Gender issues are very confusing to a lot of people, especially non-binary gender issues. Education is so important.

I remember interacting with a gender-fluid person in a public forum a couple years ago. They had written an article about what it means to be non-binary. The article was long, complicated, and full of jargon.

It was so self referential that I couldn’t figure out what the author was saying. So, I commented asking them to be more clear. What does it mean to have a non-binary gender?

After a series of replies in which they wrote at length about what it doesn’t mean, they finally became clear and spelled out meaningful definitions and explanations that people not steeped in jargon could understand. They turned that into an article of its own that took off and soared.

People want to understand. There’s an appetite for it!


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