I know Keillor’s statement is stunning in its transparency, and I know a big part of the shock comes from his being so beloved by so many liberal people.

But you know what? As a gay man who has worked for equality and civil rights all my life, I didn’t even blink when I saw what he posted on Facebook.

That’s normal! Oh, it’s not normally expressed. People don’t come right out and say throw the LGBTQ folks to the wolves.

They don’t have to say it. They live it and act it everyday.

Look how Dianne Feinstein treated Judge Barrett in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

She pushed Barrett a little bit on LGBTQ issues, and then accepted with a warm smile the judge’s blatant untruth that she has not ever and would not ever discriminate on the basis of “sexual preference.”

Barrett has spent her life discriminating against LGBTQ people, and the senator knows it.

But she calculates that the intersection of religion and LGBTQ rights is too sensitive to talk about right now.

So she did exactly what Keillor recommended. She dropped it.

And so it goes.