I did not want to read this article, but you have almost convinced me.

Well, you have convinced me that putting a few select Republicans in positions of political power might be a necessary idea.

However, high caution is in order. An invisible trap might snare us. Here’s what I mean: Trump and his cronies have so come to dominate the Republican Party that liberal and modern Americans are conditioned to loathe them. Trumpists have come to represent all the worst of cruel-is-the-point, un-American policy.

I’m not suggesting that any of those people are going to be offered cabinet or other positions. What I am suggesting is that right-wing Republicans who have not been cruel Trumpists (and there are a few) will be elevated instead.

We will view them with much more favorable eyes in comparison to their truly loathesome colleagues.

And therein lies the road to damaging, highly conservative policymaking. Therein lies the path to normalizing right-wing policy that doesn’t cross the line to being actively loathsome.

I’m not saying that’s inevitable if Biden appoints Republicans, but it’s a distinct possibility.

And it worries me.

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