Hm, I have no idea why, but I cannot clap for your story right now. I share your observation about serialized fiction. People often won’t click through to the continuation of a story.

However …

Every once in a while somebody will “power read” through one of the serialized novels I’ve posted to Medium, and that’s just one of the most amazingly gratifying things that a writer can experience. So, I do take care to make my links easily manageable and simple to use.

One other thing I’ve found helpful is to post a chapter alert as a comment under each new chapter. Then I TAG the people who have applauded previous chapters. I try to add value by also writing an “author’s note” in the comment with some personal observations about how I felt writing the chapter or where my inspiration came from.

Adding these comments and tagging people has helped me enormously in building followings (however small they are) and keeping interested readers with me as I serialize. Because, face it, what are the odds that they’re going to see a chapter?

It’s worked for me, anyway. Let me show you what I mean with a link to one of my latest chapters. Maybe you or some other fiction writers might find this helpful.

Thanks for the tag!

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