Hi andré! I just stumbled on your writing because Medium slid your pho piece into my feed. It’s remarkably beautiful, I think, and now I’m driving in and reading more.

Your comments about daily coming out are so spot on. As for holding hands, I just wrote about that too, about a boy in my old NYC neighborhood who dared to come out that way.

Facing the daily stress of constant coming-out decisions requires courage and takes a toll!

Anyway, besides thanking you for your lovely writing, I wanted to ask you to consider at least occasionally submitting a piece to Prism & Pen, a new Medium publication dedicated to queer storytelling.

We’re a collective of creative writers who recently expanded beyond fiction, and your stories are the kind of work we hope to feature.

Here’s a link: https://medium.com/prismnpen/launching-and-telling-our-tales-f7530f33284f?source=friends_link&sk=13ea734730fcee743bfec8554d5742f0

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