Here’s my latest story with a Creative Commons licensed photo.

I found the image on Google, and it’s hosted on Wikimedia Commons.

Here’s the caption I used:

Judge Amy Coney Barrett with her husband Jesse, Feb 23, 2018. Photo by Julian Velasco. (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The hyperlink in “Photo” goes directly to the image source. It happens to be Wikimedia this time, though I often use Flickr, which boasts a thriving community of photographers who publish CC-licensed images of public figures and events. I even find appropriate caricatures sometimes.

I don’t have a hyperlink included this time for the photographer, only because Wikimedia doesn’t include one for this photo. They usually do, and Flickr always does, so I link to the photographer’s body of work whenever I can, as a mark of courtesy and appreciation.

(CC BY-SA 4.0) is the license. You’ll find it referenced in any professional image source like Wikimedia or Flickr. In Flickr, clicking on “Some Rights Reserved” will take you to the Creative Commons license page. Wikimedia is more transparent and obvious about it. Once you get to the license page, you can just copy the CC line like I have done, and then add a hyperlink back to the page.

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