Here’s an observation and a worried question for you, Kate Morgan, one I hope maybe you guys can address this week as you explore the issues.

Even if Biden wins, which it looks like he probably will, how do we best move forward to make ourselves safer and healthier?

That’s the question. The observation is that an ER doctor from my part of western rural Michigan appeared on CNN this morning. He is terribly worried because in his small hospital, incidence and death rates are rising dramatically.

They are in the next county where I live too, even though we were largely untouched until now by covid19.

This is Trump country. Masks are politics here. Social distancing is politics. Trump has made rebelling against masks a badge of pride for his supporters.

Sometimes when I walk into my village store wearing a mask, I get looks of scorn from other shoppers. If you ask them, they will tell you covid-19 is either fake or grossly exaggerated by Trump’s enemies.

Assuming Trump loses, I’m supposing many of his supporters will feel validated in that un-scientific belief. I’m thinking they will become even more opposed to taking precautions.

So how can we promote public health messages that will really make a difference? I’m genuinely scared because my neighbors won’t take precautions, and I don’t know what to do about it.

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