Guys, I’m tagging you in this comment to ask you to read my article linked just below and to research some on your own. Mostly, I’m asking you to write your own stories and help spread the alarm about a serious assault on the Civil Rights Act.

People are only very slowly becoming aware of the dangers of anti-LGBTQ-motivated “religious liberty” laws and court challenges. Yes, problem spells danger to LGBTQ people, but as a New York Times columnist pointed out yesterday (and as I’ve been ranting about for months), the very integrity of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is at stake.

A Jewish couple was just turned away from a state-funded agency because they’re Jewish. If that can happen, everything is up for grabs. Everything.

This whole issue is perhaps the most significant but underreported threat to civil rights and freedom Americans have faced in decades. We’re on a cusp right now. I hope people can start shouting about it from the mountaintops.

— Jim

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