Godless perverts! I’m loving that, Chris Hall.

Good article.

It pisses me off that the Supremes equate truthful observations about the history of religious discrimination against minorities to equate to “hostility.”

You can bet your ass that I don’t let people get away with claiming that legitimate differences of opinion are involved here.

I write queer opinion pieces just about every day to a moderate audience on Medium. I’m always careful to insist that discrimination against LGBTQ people is immoral.

When I write about the baker in the Colorado case, he’s almost always, “that asshole baker.”

Funny how no progressive people countenance religious arguments in favor of discrimination against racial minorities.

Nope, it’s only us faggots the Christians are allowed to despise without social consequence.

Pthhht to that. Not around me!

I do wish I lived closer to San Francisco. I’d love attending a Godless Pervert meeting!


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