Glenn Rocess, as a former Air Force officer, I can only echo your sentiment. Thank you for speaking up.

I was raised in a conservative family, inculcated with the belief that the US must wear the white hat, that we must stand up for the weak and the defenseless, that our military forces acted as champions of the oppressed and the hungry.

We didn’t always meet those ideals, but damn it, we tried!

By the time I received my commission, I had already stopped identifying as a conservative, but those core values never left me.

My conservative father and I are shocked every day but the lack of values and morality displayed by contemporary conservatives.

We’re shocked by the inward-looking selfishness of people who proclaim themselves patriots, who mock the ideals that until a generation ago were core conservative ideals.

I despair for the soul of my country.

Somebody sold it, and I don’t know who or to whom.

Trump is a symptom. He’s just an outward display of a disease that’s rotting away our moral core.


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