Funny that you mention that, and I’ve never really known why it is, but whenever I write a story about open relationships, whether it’s about myself or somebody else, I can expect quite a response from LGBTQ groups on social media.

In general, my stories are neutrally or favorably received by gay men, while a small percentage of very loud and angry lesbians take me to task, even cussing me out and telling me what an awful person I am.

It’s like they feel I’ve personally hurt them by talking about non-monogamy. They seem entirely bought in to the idea that anyone in a non-monogamous relationship is a terrible person who is cheating on and harming their partner.

It’s mostly not possible to have a discussion with a lesbian in this kind of a mindset. What usually happens is they cuss me out and block me.

As for gay men? I think I can remember two who had an emotionally negative reaction in the three years or so I’ve been writing about this.

Compared to the hundreds of lesbians who have cussed me out, it leads me to wonder about how women are socialized to view relationships and value sexual exclusivity.

Regardless of our gender, we are all basically raised in the same environment. Yet women are apparently receiving something of a different message than men are.

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