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  • Wayne Besen

    Wayne Besen

    Wayne Besen is host of War or the Words podcast and Substack newsletter. He’s the Executive Director of Truth Wins Out, LGBTQ organization. Author of two books.

  • Kai Stowers

    Kai Stowers

    An LGBTQ leader and inclusion builder with expertise in organization development and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

  • Simon May

    Simon May

    Writings about a life entwined in the natural world from an autistic, transgender ecologist.

  • S J Tamsett

    S J Tamsett

    Dilettante, lush, libertine. Hanger on & hanger around. Will write for food, booze, cash or faint praise. Cynical optimist. Follow me for more fun and frolics!

  • Karyn Marie

    Karyn Marie

    Karyn is a retired deputy sheriff who lives in Washington State with her wife. She is a post op transgender woman and would love to hear your comments.

  • Tyger Songbird

    Tyger Songbird

    I’m a songbird who writes about asexuality, LGBTQIA+ rights, Christian nationalism, and much more. TygerSongbird on Twitter, Patreon, & Instagram

  • Queer Kari

    Queer Kari

    Some days, I spell it with an L.

  • Laura Albrecht

    Laura Albrecht

    Writer, musician, grad student @mcgillu, music researcher, and book-lover. “Music is the only truth.” Prism & Pen, Coffee Times. she/her.

  • Michael Horvich

    Michael Horvich

  • Missfredawallace


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