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  • Amelia Harlow

    Amelia Harlow

    Queer woman and author of lesbian romance/erotica, among other things.

  • Pierre Trudel

    Pierre Trudel

    I am a writer, sharing my life with a partner and soul mate for over 53 years. We love to help others reach their Dreams. Thee Quest. Let us be your compass.

  • Stephanie Florczyk

    Stephanie Florczyk

    Wordsmith, philosopher, entrepreneur, LGBTQ+ advocate. Trans, she/her. Getting 1% better each day. Need college or career coaching? Check out bit.ly/3EyHw1V

  • Petiri Ira

    Petiri Ira

    WEOC Member, Bylines in Momentum, Cultured, AnInJustice, Equality Includes You, The Pink, AfroSapiophile and Age of Awareness. Contact: petiriira@gmail.com

  • S. Armstrong

    S. Armstrong

    Queer storyteller | She/Her | Lover of cats, metal, history, and DnD | Editor for The Silas Archives and October Tales | sarmstrongwrites@gmail.com

  • Julie-Anne Whitney

    Julie-Anne Whitney

    Writing about Body Image, Lesbian Life, Mental Health, and Trauma Recovery.

  • Rebecca Gellman

    Rebecca Gellman

    A nerd, a software engineer and a trans woman, fed up with the lies pushed by the so-called Gender Critical movement.

  • Anthony Fieldman

    Anthony Fieldman

    Architect | Photographer | Writer | Polyglot | Windmill Jouster | Nomade Civilisée.

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