Fascinating article, thank you.

I have a question, if you don’t mind. I quite agree with your concerns about using images of non-consensual sex to generate A.I. porn. That sounds creepy and more importantly perhaps could encourage the production of more non-consensual porn.

After I read your article, I went to the Vice article and took a close look at it. The casting couch thing sounds horrible and truly abusive of barely legal girls. I have by the way run into similar Czech porn involving very young men. It’s blatantly abusive and it occurs to me that it might involve the same production company.

But something I did not understand in the Vice article is why these abusive images are important for creating A.I. porn.

Pornhub is, after all, filled with films that do not appear to be made non-consensually. Some of it is professional, some of it is amateur.

So why wouldn’t A.I. porn producers use that? Given the faces wouldn’t be identifiable anyway, they wouldn’t risk copyright infringement.

So what’s the connection to these abusive Czech producers?

I’m not sure I really understand, so maybe you can clear it up.

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