Even while the US was preoccupied yesterday with election returns, and quite necessarily so, the business of American oppression marched on in the Supreme Court.

It won’t make any difference who wins, Trump or Biden. The outcome of that case, which I just wrote about, could end up being terrible for all sorts of marginalized people in the United States. And no elected president will be able to do much if anything about it.

The reason? The U.S. Judiciary has slowly and gradually been stuffed with reactionary judges. Now the Supreme Court is dominated by them too.

Some say their support for discrimination is just a toxic side effect of their support for wealth polarization. Certainly the judicial philosophies that make one possible mandate the other.

We shall see, but inequities in our society have become increasingly cemented into the systemic. Many of us hoped for a resounding popular rejection of that system in this year’s elections.

We knew that wouldn’t automatically fix anything, but we hoped that it would allow us to start.

Now our hopes are dashed.

As I wrote yesterday, It’s time to retrench and re-strategize. I’m still not quite sure where to start.

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