David and the Lion’s Den — final chapter!

David’s in the basement as Raphael bleeds and Alonzo threatens. Will the whole story come out? Will Raph live? How will David change as an artist and a person? And how will I wrap the story up without resorting to rescue memes or sentimentalism? Find out!

Author’s notes:

This novel has lived inside my soul for ten years. I know the characters as well or better than I know some of my closest friends and family. Oddly, some of the characters are more real to me than the actual people I based them on. This version of the novel is a fourth draft, and it’s with a heavy heart that I lay it down. It’s finished, and I’m done. As David mourns Raph and Alonzo, I will mourn the the characters who will now slowly fade from consciousness, for I will never again know them as well as I know them at this moment. I’m happy, though, that in some way, they’ll live on in the hearts of readers.

Speaking of readers, if this ending at all disappoints you, hang on. There’s an epilogue coming that will jump a few years into the future and tie up loose ends you might be wondering about. I don’t want to leave you hanging!

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