David and the Lion’s Den chapter alert. The mystery mounts!

If David couldn’t see that Richard was Carla, what else did he miss? Could breaking out of his fog be the key to solving the mystery? Maybe. Maybe he’ll get a better look at Jill too. I know you will, dear readers! This is partly her chapter.

Author’s notes:

I drew Jill from real life. She was a server and bartender at Cucina della Fontana, and one hell of talented poet and painter. She lived down the street from me in a building on 23rd near 7th Ave. We sometimes had lunch together at the Woolworth’s counter on 23rd and 8th. The Woolworth’s is gone now, but I’ve included a photo of the corner and its subway stop. Jill was like so many people, gorgeous but self conscious and insecure about her looks. Funny, she’d fit today’s standards of beauty much more closely than the standards idealized in the 80s.

Beauty is so capricious.

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