David and the Lion’s Den Chapter Alert!

Hilda seems like a frumpy, elderly widow — gentle and boring. In this chapter, David learns shocking truths about her youth. What she tells him sparks an idea that will rock his life and change him forever.

Author’s note:

The club the gang goes to in this chapter is The Limelight, situated in a defunct gothic church on 6th Ave in lower Manhattan. They would have entered through the secondary line to get into a weekly party called Res-Erection, a gay-themed dance event featuring disco on one floor and techno/house on the other.

People with Res-Erection stamps on their hands had access to the entire club, including the main room downstairs that mostly straight people attended. But people entering through the main line were barred from the Res-Erection event.

The Limelight closed near the turn of the Millennium after scandals involving industrial-scale illegal drug trafficking on the part of the owner. The club was never quite as popular as bigger venues like the Roxy or the Sound Factory, but it was very well known, and quite the weekend destination for young gay men.

The real-life Howie and I would dance there at least once or twice every month.

neil chapman Dennett Artemis Shishir Phil Stevens Britt Rossman Terrye Turpin Patricia Copenhaver Tre L. Loadholt Left Wisdom lindsay jenn Robyn Jane kurt gasbarra Fred Shirley Adam, Diabetic Cyborg Donald Robb lindsay jenn Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle Lucy King

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