David and the Lion’s Den chapter alert!

David faces “convincing evidence” that either he or Howie murdered a dozen people living with AIDS. He insists he’s innocent, and he refuses to believe Howie is capable of it. He’s writing his own story, desperate to unearth clues about the real killer. The details are vivid — and heartbreaking.

Author’s Notes:

The Hare Krishnas in Washington Square really do lurk, seeking out disoriented and lost people. When I was very new to the City and feeling quite lost and alone, they came quite close to seducing me.

The apartment building and and, indeed, the apartment I describe as Allen’s are actually appearing in cameo. The descriptions (and the photo) match the apartment where my late husband Lenny and I lived for a decade.

Allen is the name of the first man I joined my friends to take care of. Howie and Roy enlisted me to join the effort to make sure he has at least one visitor every day, and that he was eating and keeping himself and his apartment clean. We did our best to make sure he could stay at home as long as possible. He died in the hospital after a short bout of pneumonia.

Home, sweet home, until the co-op board ruled that I couldn’t inherit because Lenny and I weren’t married.

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