Damn you, man!

You wrote such a good article you’ve got me reading it and now I’m in the mood to drink a delicious beer. I really love good beer, anything from a super pungent, bitter IPA to a sweet wheat ale flavored with fruit juice.

I adore dark sweet bitter stouts brewed with coffee and chocolate.

Only …

I found myself at a point where I was carefully choosing beers to go with my food for dinner some nights. Then it was every night. Then it was two. Sometimes even three.

Talk about gaining weight! I didn’t like how the extra pounds made me feel, and I worried about some of the articles that I read that said two or three drinks a day are really unhealthy.

So, I have reluctantly reduced my delicious beer drinking to an occasional treat when I go out to eat.

Which is nice, because then I enjoy it more anyway.

Then I run into your article.

You bastard. ;-)

(Actually, it is really interesting. Thanks so much for writing it.)

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