Clay Rivers, I’ve been noticing this problem for some time. Sometimes over time, the numbers sort themselves out. Often, they don’t.

Worse perhaps, is the problem of claps very frequently not registering when people applaud from mobile devices.

I’ve posted publicly about this to Your Friends @ Medium and so has Eric Griggs. I’ve written in to support, as have very many other people.

The response?

We have been absolutely and utterly ignored. Nobody I know has received so much as a syllable of communication about the issue.

Were it a minor matter, I could understand. But Medium’s entire distribution system and payment system is based on claps.

I personally feel profoundly disrespected by the Medium staff’s lack of basic communication courtesy.

“Your friends at Medium” is quite the ironic misnomer. Friends don’t ignore friends.

But then, I’m sure if I were well known, someone at Medium would deign to talk to me.

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