Clay Rivers, if I could give you 5,000 claps for this piece instead of 50, I would do it.

I am so dismayed by the cold winds of fascism and racism blowing through our nation. It’s impossible to reconcile the American values I grew up with with the ones being spouted by the Right today.

Certainly in the past, we Americans did terrible things, but in my youth, most people at least pretended to care about morality, decency, and humanity. People on the Right apologized for the Japanese internment camps, for example. Today, the fashion on the Right is to excuse them and justify them.

I’m as liberal and progressive as they come. My father is an old-time conservative. We’re both shocked and horrified by what’s happening on the southern border, but we’re more shocked and horrified by our fellow Americans who are loudly and actively defending the inhumanity of it.

I published a piece yesterday about the rising tide of American fascism, and I’ve been dismayed to see some of the reactions that have come in. Vile, evil, disgusting people are arguing FOR what’s going on.

American people! Arguing for cruelty to children and to asylum seekers!

I’m beside myself with anger and grief. I’m disgusted and appalled.

Here’s the piece, btw. Don’t bother looking for the comments, though. I hide them and block the users as soon as they come in.

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