But let’s be very careful about thinking like Jeff Bezos. Just because he has made money does not mean he is a man to emulate.

He is a deeply immoral person who profoundly exploits the vulnerable people who work for him. Amazon warehouses are places where workers are pushed inhumanly to work as hard and as fast as they can for as little money as Amazon can possibly pay them.

Amazon workers sacrifice their physical and mental health, and are punished for trying to form labor unions and negotiate collectively for better treatment.

Bezos is directly and personally responsible for much of the problem.

Yes, he has made a lot of money for himself.

But let’s admit that he’s done it by hurting huge numbers of people, and that is a human being he leaves much to be desired.

None of us should want to be like Jeff Bezos. We should all try as hard as we can not to think like Jeff Bezos.