Brilliant, beautiful ending!

And I must say, as the editor who worked hard to help Brian birth this thrilling YA novel, I’m astounded by his talent and heart.

He had a vision for this story a year ago, and the passion to make it happen. When I saw the first draft of the first chapter, though, I didn’t know if he had it in him. Too much really hard work had to happen to make it readable and professional.

But it was so good, I gritted my teeth and dove in, editing nearly every sentence, and sending him REAMS of notes about WHY I’d edited them.

I told myself that I could’t do that for every chapter, but that trying was worth it. Privately, I doubted he’d stick with it, anyway. People rarely do.

But Brian astonished me his talent, character, and drive.

He digested my notes, and used them to grow as a fiction writer.

Every chapter he submitted needed less work from me. He kept writing, even through tough, trying personal crises.

Eventually, I reduced my own role to proofreading and copy editing, because Brian had everything else firmly in hand.

The novel didn’t end where either of us thought it would, but it ended in the perfect place anyway, and Brian made me cry with Kris.

I Loved every moment of Kris’s final triumph and Brian’s triumph.

Next week, get set for the continuation of a new novel, because while Kris is all wrapped up, Brian is only just getting started.


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