Becoming an astronomer is damn HARD.

My buddy Fred Shirley is studying physics right now, two years through a four year integrated master’s program.

He’s about to have a meltdown from the stress and difficulty of it, and he’s brilliant and hard working.

Most of what he’s studying now is the same material astronomers study at this point in their training.

Becoming a scientist takes an incredible amount of hard work and discipline. Pseudo science is something else entirely.

Anybody can put together thoughts about astrology, laws of attraction, etc. There’s no rigor and no discipline.

People like to imagine that things are easy. That anyone can figure something out if they think hard enough about it.

That just isn’t true. Most people couldn’t grasp, let alone master, the mathematics required to do the physics necessary to do astronomy.

Pseudo scientific thinkers like to use the complexity to argue that advanced science requires faith, or at least reliance on authority.

That’s not the case at all, though. Science requires intelligence, sweat, and serious dedication.

Oh, and by the way, although I’m “only” an engineer, I’ve had enough scientific training to understand that science doesn’t deal in proof. Proof just doesn’t play any role in the scientific method as outlined so succinctly by Karl Popper.

Pseudo scientific thinkers will try to distort this intentional absence of proof as inability to make valid observations.

That’s really a distortion of how science operates.


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