Asatru as an overtly racist religion is a rising problem in the United States, made more problematic by the Supreme Court’s tendency to grant special privileges to Christian institutions that want to legally discriminate against LGBTQ people.

The privileges the high court grants to anti-LGBTQ Christians (who are themselves often racist) end up also privileging practitioners of Asatru, which by the way is very popular in the US prison system, where racist white gangs use it as legal cover for meeting and organizing.

To complicate things, the racist version of Asatru — popular in prisons and among Proud Boys, neo-nazis, white nationalists and that church you write about — shares a name with a different form of the religion that is neither racist nor homophobic.

I dug a little deep not so long ago on Medium into the subject of Asatru for those who might want a closer look.

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