As a matter of fact, Sherry, I just started serializing a novel in which some American service people eventually end up in the Greek islands with a young Russian man.

The Americans react viscerally to all the fat old guys in Speedos, which is kind of par for the course in the Mediterranean.

The Russian kid’s response is like, “What, you’ve never been to the beach before?” lol!

I do agree with you about many LGBTQ people just wanting to get on with their lives as quietly as possible. And I think that’s fine.

I just have a problem when gay men take digs at other gay men when they stand up for themselves.

That kind of thing is sadly common. There’s a strong current of subtle self loathing that runs through many communities of LGBTQ people, and in gay male communities in particular it often manifests as hostility toward out, flamboyant men like Donahoe.

Btw, he’s had to restrict access to his Facebook page because of all the hate that was pouring in.

I posted a simple, neutral request for him to contact me so I could interview him as a journalist. I had to turn off notifications because of all the hostile remarks that flooded in.

I was astounded, frankly, by the nerve the man seems to have touched.

Anyway. It’s all interesting. In a fascinated horror sort of way.

Oh, forgive me for plugging my novel, but I’m an attention whore too. ;-)

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