As a lifelong LGBTQ activist, I long ago gave up the idea that politicians can be divided into good and bad camps. Politics is messy, often dirty, and never idealistic.

Progress does not automatically lead to better outcomes for marginalized people.

But process can work when leveraged with passion and dedication.

I’m voting for Joe Biden despite the fact that he voted against same-sex marriage in 1996. Biden is a politician not an idealist. He is probably going to oppose restructuring the Supreme Court, which is going to hurt LGBTQ equality a lot, not to mention women’s rights and other critical societal issues.

But voting for him starts a process. Voting for him allows for the possibility of leverage for positive change but certainly does not assure any such change.

If real life were The West Wing, Biden would be a savior champion. But real life doesn’t work that way. In real life, we have to keep working for the change we crave. And that’s OK.

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