Are you hearing this, Your Friends @ Medium? You responded in a way that made it clear you hadn’t read what I wrote. That’s so normal with Medium these days. Will you please address this subject for real? Will you please tell all of us today that you are aware that applause isn’t working correctly on Medium when readers are on mobile devices? Will you please really and truly and meaningfully reply?

What are you doing to fix the problem? Do you have any information to share with us? Do you have a rough timeline for getting the mobile apps working properly when it comes to registering our readers’ applause?

Can we please get you to engage right now and take us seriously? Can you tell us what’s going on at all? Can you stop the silence and start communicating? Please? This isn’t a small issue.

If you aren’t the person I should be tagging, btw, who is? Who at Medium can address this critical, systemic problem with the mobile apps?

Are you listening, Medium Staff? Is anyone at Medium listening? Or are we just hollering into a void?

Applause is the backbone of how Medium works.

Jonathan Greene Zev Jack Preston King Adam, Diabetic Cyborg Eric GriggsKay Bolden Medium Staff Medium Your Friends @ Medium Terijo Elle BeauTre L. Loadholt Gwen Saoirse Gloria Bates Artemis Shishir BFoundAPen neil chapman Marley K. Clay Rivers alto David Montgomery Dennett Terrye Turpin Sherry Kappel Nupoor Raj Jack Herlocker Fierce Force 💃🏼 Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻 Zev Steve Spring Steve B Howard Darren Stehle Iva Ursano Randy ShinglerErika Sauter Jewel Eliese Alicia T. Rust anna breslin Jessica Nicasio N.A. Turner Dr. Christine Bradstreet 🌴 David Potts Frank McKinley Ernio Hernandez Jack Heimbigner J Cleveland Payne Jennifer Harris (JL Harris)Jeffrey Allan Boman Fred Shirley

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