And in the meantime we learn Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the most respected public health experts in the United States, has stopped attending White House coronavirus task force meetings because Trump prefers to take the counsel of a radiologist with no public health experience or expertise with virology.

Oh, and then we learne that while the White House task force continues to meet, it’s not really doing anything. Trump just doesn’t want to take the heat for officially disbanding it.

But no matter. His surrogates have already practically announced the administration has given up trying to control the virus.

We have no federal leadership. Zero. We have a clown who mocks even his most conservative supporters for wearing a mask and who makes the ludicrous, insulting comments you’re writing about.

I’m a novelist, but if I submitted a storyline like this to my agent, she would tell me to grow a real imagination and stop making up nonsense no reader would buy.

Yet here we are, down the rabbit hole.

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